Poisoning, blindness, and death: toxic sanitizer flooded the U.S. market

The FDA has expanded the list of life-threatening sanitizers to 85. If you find yourself one of them, immediately stop using it. About what consequences may result from the use of such funds, according to the website arstechnica.com.

Отравление, слепота и смерть: токсичные санитайзеры заполонили рынок США

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Dangerous sanitizer

This week, the FDA food and drug administration (The Food and Drug Administration) has released an updated list of life-threatening disinfectants for hands. It is about the means containing methanol – a toxic compound alcohol that can cause blindness and even lead to death.

Now “list unusable” dangerous disinfectants includes 87 titles (full list here). And with the growth of list Management on control over products and medicines USA (FDA) also reported an increase in messages from health departments of the state and of control over poisons on new injuries and deaths. “We remain extremely concerned about the potential serious danger of the use of disinfectants for hands, alcohol-based methanol,” said FDA Commissioner Steven M. Khan (Stephen M. Hahn).

Good hand hygiene, including the use of disinfectants for the hands when hand washing is impossible, is an important public health practice, especially in the context of the pandemic. But, according to the Commissioner of the FDA, “consumers should also be vigilant as to what disinfectants for the hands they use.” “For the sake of their health and safety, we urge consumers to immediately stop use of all disinfectants for the hands, included in the list of dangerous products to the FDA for the disinfection of hands,” said Khan.

The Agency said that during the current testing was discovered disinfectants containing methanol at the level of from 1% to 80%. But he stressed that any, even a minimal amount of methanol, is dangerous to health and life of people.

What are the dangers of using such sanitizers

Alcohol, which is metabolized to formaldehyde and then to formic acid, may cause systemic toxic effects when ingested, when inhaled or absorbed through the skin.

Meanwhile, States continue to report a growing amount of harmful substances that can cause nausea, vomiting, headache, blurred vision, permanent blindness, convulsions, coma, irreversible damage to the nervous system, heart attacks and death.

In one case investigators have linked the death with a disinfectant for hands Blumen, the company distributed North America 4e and 4E manufactured by Global in Mexico. The company recently expanded its list of products withdrawn from the market.

Warning about the use of toxic disinfectants for hands first appeared at the end of June. Then the FDA revealed nine contraindicated products from the same manufacturer in Mexico. In an update published earlier this month, the FDA announced the discovery of five marks etanolsoderzhaschih means to disinfect hands.

The FDA has sent these companies letters of warning, insisted on the recall of the products and posted information about importing products.

What to do if you already have one of these tools

The Agency recommends that consumers avoid all products with any of the manufacturers included in this list.

If you find that you have one of these products, immediately stop using it, dispose of it in the container for hazardous waste (do not rinse the drain), if necessary, immediately seek medical attention and report the incident to the FDA.


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