‘Polar Express’: how 39 migrants froze to death in a wagon, found in the County of Essex, the cries no one heard (VIDEO) (PHOTOS)

UK police announced the first details of the investigation into the discovery of 39 bodies of migrants in the truck-the refrigerator, was found in an industrial area of the town of Grays in Essex.

All 39 people were inside, froze to death as “absolutely horrific” conditions they gradually froze in a cold container, where the temperature reached minus 25 degrees, and the cries of the people no one heard.

According to the police, illegal immigrants locked in a truck (38 adults and one teenager), went to Britain on a freight ferry from Belgium. He departed from the Belgian port of Zeebrugge Tuesday, October 15, and then approached the English Purfleet, located in the Thames estuary. There is a refrigerator already likely c dead bodies, took 25-year-old driver was an Irishman by the name of Maurice “Mo” Robinson. At the moment the driver is arrested, reports The Sun.

In his Instagram Robinson during a trip to the destination regularly posted about “Scandinavian Express” and “polar Express”. Thus, the police does not exclude that he was aware of what the load is in the truck.