Police are continuing to investigate the case of shooting in MISSISSAUGA (PHOTO)

Полиция продолжает расследовать случай стрельбы в Миссиссаге (ФОТО)

The mayor of MISSISSAUGA Bonnie Crombie said she was “deeply shocked and saddened” by the shooting which claimed the life of 17-year-old in which five others were seriously injured.

The shooting occurred in the Park behind the residential complex near Morning Star and Goreway Saturday night.

Police said that several suspects armed with semi-automatic weapons, fled the scene of the crime.

According to police, among the injured teenagers 13 and 16 years, two 17-year-old and a woman aged 50 years.

In a statement issued Sunday morning, Crombie called the shooting “unacceptable”.

“I want to Express my sincere gratitude to our police, who arrived quickly on the scene, she said. As a member of the police Board, I must ensure that MISSISSAUGA remains one of the safest cities, and to ensure that illegal weapons disappeared from our streets.”

The chief of police Saw Chris McCord told reporters on Sunday morning that as yet there is no evidence to suggest that the shooting linked with gang activity, although he acknowledged that the audacity with which the crime was committed, “very disturbing”.

He also said that now there was “a direct threat to public safety”, when the streets of the city walk several armed suspects.

In an interview Sunday morning, Crombie announced that she was connected with the McCord “throughout the night” and today during the day to visit the residential complex to meet with the residents.

“I have no doubt that residents received a psychological trauma, she said. I’m going to go to Malton to find out how it feels to residents, meet with them and assure them that we will do everything we can to prevent senseless acts of violence like this in our beautiful city.”

Crombie said that although the shooting apparently was an “isolated incident”, the fact that the use of semi-automatic weapons makes it particularly disturbing.

The footage from the scene on Sunday morning you can really see the dozens of police signs in those places where the shells fell.

In a message posted on Twitter on Sunday morning, police said they will remain on the scene “for protection of evidence, search for witnesses and video.”

At the moment no signs of the suspects.