Police Toronto intends to purchase the scanner by 2020 (PHOTO)

Полиция Торонто намерена приобрести досмотровый сканер к 2020 году (ФОТО)

Police Toronto hopes to start using the screening scanners, a potential substitute for the personal strip search, by the beginning of 2020, but critics say the technology still is an interference of personal space.

In accordance with the tender documentation, the police sent a request for proposals for the conclusion of a three-year contract for the supply of at least one x-ray scanner with the ability to increase the number of such devices to 10.

Police service Toronto “aims to bring a new level demonstration of respect for the dignity of citizens during the procedure of personal inspection,” – said in the documents.

The application says that the police put forward “a number of civil complaints, external complaints, investigations, Special investigation team and statements of the Tribunal for human rights Ontario” related personal searches of the third level, which is commonly known as strip searches, as they may need to take away a person part or all of your clothes.

When journalists CBC Toronto asked the representative of the Toronto police Connie Osborne’s comment, he said that the service could not disclose details about the project or its budget, because there is a procurement procedure.

In 2018, the 14th police station, one of the busiest in the city, conducted a six-month pilot project to test technology that scans the body of the subject to detect possible prohibited items such as weapons or drugs.

Osborne said that the trial gave “the opportunity to train employees, to develop the Protocol of the procedure and discuss the results with members of the community.”

The models used by the police are different from scanners in airports. In contrast to the procedure of inspection at the airport, people do not raise their hands, and withdrawn to the sides, resting them on the arm of the machine.

First the scanner is scheduled to host also in the 14th ward, and it is hoped that the device will help to reduce a large number of personal searches strip searches.

Earlier this year, the report of one of the bodies of control police in Ontario have stated that Toronto police officers use these tactics more often than other parts of the province: about 40% of arrests are accompanied by personal inspection, whereas in other large units, the figure is less than 1%.

In the report of the office of the independent police inspector also noted that some individuals subjected to strip search, may be applied to psychological trauma, particularly in people with fragile psyche and received similar injuries in the past.

During the pilot project, the police said that the examination scan will be indispensable, as the police have to spend about 20,000 searches strip searches a year, that is, on average 55 a day.

“The police service Toronto still obsessed with finding evidence in the most remote places without legal basis,” said Michael Bryant, Executive Director of the canadian civil liberties Association.

Privacy protector believes that inspection scanners – it’s just “another kind of invasion of privacy”.

“So now you say strip, you strip just electronically,” added Bryant, who believes that the police should completely abandon the use of this procedure.

Such statements have always been an integral part of this process, but the police of Toronto for several years studying the use of body scanners, in consultation with the Commissioner of the Ontario information and privacy Commission on human rights of Ontario and the General Prosecutor’s office.

Was also consulted two police oversight bodies: the special investigations unit and the office of independent Directors to oversee the activities of the police.

In the public tender documentation says that the police of Toronto suggests that the company that wins the tender will establish the first inspection scanner by 31 March 2020.