Police warn about new telephone fraud aimed at Canadians (PHOTOS)

Полиция предупреждает о новых телефонных махинациях, направленных на канадцев (ФОТО)

Crooks lied to Canadians on tens of millions of dollars over the past decade pretending to collect taxes for Canada revenue Agency, but police warn about new twist on an old Scam – unknown posing as local police officers.

Thieves also use the system spoofing the caller ID so the call looks like coming from the police phone numbers.

Real police officers warn that they are not authorized to collect any taxes for the state and not in any way associated with the IRS.

Over the past few weeks, according to police, one of the victims of fraud listed $1,200 in bitcoins after she was threatened with deportation from the country.

Another woman said her social security number is used for fraudulent activities, she must immediately pay $1,000, otherwise she’ll be arrested. She also paid in bitcoin.

The Canada revenue Agency will never call and use unpleasant words or to threaten the customer. They also will never request credit card information, personal information via email or messages, and request your number of social insurance or Bank account information.

If you receive a suspicious call, do not continue the conversation and immediately end the call.