Police warned of a new type of fraud with SIM cards (PHOTOS)

Полиция предупредила о новом виде мошенничества с СИМ-картами (ФОТО)

Ontarians warned about a new Scam called “spoofing SIM card”, which allows the scammers to steal your personal information and even emptying your Bank account.

The Ontario provincial police (OPP) reported that the scammers can access your accounts in social networks, calendar, contacts, and money. In addition, the fraudsters can even apply for credit in your name or to impersonate you to trick everyone in your contact list.

The police found that the fraudsters call the mobile operator and submitted your name. Then report that your phone is lost or stolen.

Your phone number will be tied to the new SIM card and the device, which is controlled by the scammers.

“The fraudster downloads the most popular and well-known applications” – said in Friday’s joint press release from the OPP and management of Ontario to combat serious fraud (Serious Fraud Office Ontario).

“They will choose the option “Forgot password?” on all applications. If the account tied to your phone number or email address, the scammer will receive a verification code”.

Using this code, hackers can get access to your accounts, and you to block.

The police also suggested several ways by which you can protect yourself from this Scam.

Police warns citizens not to respond to phishing emails or text messages asking for you confirm or update your password.

People are also encouraged not to publish their birth date in their accounts in social networks. You should also contact your mobile operator and inquire about additional security measures.

If you ever lose your phone, immediately contact the service company.

“And listen to your intuition,’ said a police spokesman. – If a message seems suspicious, it is.”

All who became a victim of fraud, please contact your local police Department.