Policy Ontario gathered for the annual competition tillers (PHOTO)

Политики Онтарио собрались на ежегодном соревновании пахарей  (ФОТО)

Today in Ontario starts the annual international competition of laborers, and it is expected that he will be visited by most of the leaders of the political parties of the province.

Premier Doug Ford and NDP leader Andrea Horvath will take part in the opening ceremony.

Green party leader Mike Schreiner will also be present at the event, which takes place in the town of Verner, about 55 miles West of North Bay.

Policy will participate in the parade and the party leaders will sit behind the wheel of a tractor, to find out which of them will propose the straight furrow.

Last year a small group of protesters prevented the Prime Minister’s statement on the competition tillers, held in Chatham.

The legislative Assembly is usually adjourned for a day or two, the politicians could attend this event, but this year the holidays with legislators, it was decided to extend and they will reopen only on October 28.