Polish business is suffering from a shortage of Ukrainian workers

10 days from Poland to Ukraine returned more than 100 thousand Ukrainians, which is about 12% of Ukrainian labour migrants. About the shortage of workers from Ukraine declare on the food industry and logistic companies.

Польский бизнес страдает от дефицита украинских работников

This is reported by analysts of the company’s international employment Gremi Personal, reports the Economic truth.

“There was actually two waves of departure. The first wave was observed until approximately March 17, the second on the eve of the closure of the state borders of Ukraine on March 27.

Many Ukrainians in Poland were misinformed, thinking that the Ukrainian-Polish border close completely. Although now it can be crossed by car or on foot,” says CEO Tomas bogdewic.

According to him, returning can be divided into two categories. The first is the Ukrainians who have ended working visa or who have worked for bizwise, having a work permit. The second category is those who remained without work, and unscrupulous companies for employment simply abandoned them, not finding a replacement.

About the shortage of workers from Ukraine declare on the food industry and logistic companies. These are the industries that are still increasing pace of production during a pandemic.

Immediately after the closing of the borders of the Polish farmers have appealed to the Prime Minister of Poland with the request to give an opportunity to stay workers from Ukraine because of their lack of in connection with the closing of borders will lead to “the collapse of many sectors of the Polish economy and could threaten the safety of the food supply chain,” reads the letter of the Polish Association of trade unions of farmers and agricultural organizations.

According to Bogdevich, those Ukrainians who want to go back, you can do it now, but they must undergo a mandatory quarantine imposed in Poland.

“Enterprises need in the workforce. The outflow of Ukrainians could slow down the pace of their work, so we are now actively recruits Ukrainians who remain in Poland. Those who went from Poland, but intends to go back, you can do it. But they must undergo a mandatory quarantine imposed by the authorities of Poland. And, as we previously reported, our company is one of the first at his own expense opened a quarantine centres in Lodz and Gdansk to receive these workers,” explains bogdewic.