Poll: 20 million Americans are collecting funds for the payment of medscheap online

According to a study published in Wednesday, February 19, about 8 million Americans have started a crowdfunding campaign on such web sites like GoFundMe to pay medical bills for yourself or any of your friends or relatives. This writes The Hill.

Опрос: 20 млн американцев собирают средства для оплаты медсчетов в интернете

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12 million Americans said that they began this campaign for someone you know, according to the survey from NORC at the University of Chicago.

20% of Americans said they donated money to these campaigns.

The proliferation of such online fundraisers to pay medical bills is a symptom of the growing cost of health care, even for those who have insurance.

Since annual medical costs continue to rise, more and more Americans are struggling to pay their medical bills, and millions of people are turning to social networks and crowdfunding websites to raise funds.

GoFundMe bills itself as a “leader in collecting medical devices in the Internet”, every year on the site is 250 000 health campaigns.

“I would really like to see the category of “medicine” was not on GoFundMe,” — said General Director of the website of Rob Solomon.

“However, the reality is that access to health services is associated with the ability to pay for it. If you can’t do that, people die. People are suffering. We are pleased that our platform exists and helps people,” he added.

The NORC survey showed that 85% of respondents believe that the government should be responsible for providing assistance when medical care is unavailable. 83% said the same about hospitals or clinics.

The survey was conducted in the period from 8 to 16 November 2019 1020, and included interviews with a representative sample of the country. The error is 4%.



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