Poll: how different countries are Trump and the USA

The President of the United States Donald trump is a very controversial figure, and the attitude in the U.S. is quite ambiguous. But how it is perceived abroad? It turned edition of the BBC.

Опрос: как в разных странах мира относятся к Трампу и США

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American research center Pew Research center released the results of its latest survey, which shows how the world belongs to Donald Trump.

From may to October 2019 Pew Research Center (a non-profitable independent public organization) interviewed nearly 37 000 people in 33 countries.

A poll conducted before the US President gave the order to kill the Iranian General Qasem Soleimani.

How to relate to Trump

Only 29% of countries surveyed by the Pew Research Center, supported the development of policy trump initially in 2017.

Research center notes that this distrust — partly a result of discontent with the foreign policy of the President.

The position of the American President on tariffs, climate, immigration and Iran do not support worldwide.

His talks with North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN has received more positive reviews: 41% of respondents in 33 countries.

In the US

According to the Pew Research Center, in opposed relationship to Donald trump, the world’s attitude to US remains positive. But in comparison with the period of presidency of Obama, the US image has deteriorated sharply, when trump took office.

However, in 2019, the rating of the United States grew, according to the research center, “caused at least in part, by increase in popularity among supporters of right-wing populist groups in some countries.”

According to the survey, it is best to the US are in Israel — 83%.

In Mexico, the middle East and North Africa related to the US generally negative. In Turkey only one in five expressed support for the United States.

Trump against other leaders

Researchers at the Pew Research Center noted that none of the five world leaders received high marks.

However, the greatest trust of the respondents are using German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

The lowest rating of the confidence of Donald trump, although the presidents of China and Russia, the attitude is also negative.

“Donald trump most like supporters of right-wing views, but even among them the confidence in the current President of the United States slightly exceeds 50% in only six countries”, the report says.

Related to world leaders:


  • Trump — 31%
  • Merkel — 69%
  • Macron — 55%
  • Putin — 26%
  • XI — 34%


  • Trump 56%
  • Merkel — 28%
  • Macron — 28%
  • Putin — 42%
  • XI — 21%


  • Trump — 44%
  • Merkel — 66%
  • Macron — 41%
  • Putin — 11%
  • XI — 28%


  • Trump — 20%
  • Merkel — 34%
  • Macron — 23%
  • Putin is 73%
  • XI — 59%


  • Trump — 71%
  • Merkel — 52%
  • Macron — 33%
  • Putin — 36%
  • XI — 35%


  • Tramp — 8%
  • Merkel — 32%
  • Macron — 27%
  • Putin — 28%
  • XI — 34%


  • Trump — 77%
  • Merkel — 58%
  • Macron — 62%
  • Putin is 61%
  • XI — 58%


  • Trump — 58%
  • Merkel — 45%
  • Macron — 45%
  • Putin — 41 percent
  • XI — 61%

Which countries love trump the most?

Foreign policy trump has no common support in the world, but there are countries where it is perceived positively.

For example, in Africa, his approval rating remains high, despite the fact that trump called the countries of this continent “smelly holes”.

According to Security Assistance Monitor, Kenya and Nigeria, who have a positive attitude to Donald Trump — one of the main recipients of economic assistance the United States. Researchers at the Pew Research Center noted that South of the Sahara to the President of the United States is also sympathetic.

The President of Nigeria muhammadu Buhari was the first African leader South of the Sahara, who was invited to the White house in 2018. In addition, the administration trump’s opposition to the policy of his predecessor sold Nigeria 12 American military aircraft.

Which countries love trump most:

  • Philippines — 77%
  • Israel — 71%
  • Kenya — 65%
  • Nigeria — 58%
  • India — 56%
  • Ukraine — 44%
  • Britain — 32%
  • Canada — 28%
  • Brazil — 28%
  • Russia — 20%
  • Germany — 13%
  • Mexico — 8%

Support trump in the Philippines is less surprising, given that earlier the US President praised his Philippine counterpart, Rodrigo Duterte for the way he was in his country struggles with drugs.

After Duterte came to power in 2016, he launched a massive campaign against drugs. Critics argue that under the raids and other special operations massively violated human rights.

To Donald Trump are good in Israel. The US President has a close relationship with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and the US has long supported Israel.

The administration trump went even further in this support moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem and recognizing Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan heights.