Poll: nearly one third of Americans believe that the vaccine against the coronavirus exist, but hide it

About one-third of Americans believe that the coronavirus vaccine already exists, but its hidden from the public, while nearly half believe that the virus COVID-19 was created in a lab. About it writes USA Today.

Опрос: почти треть американцев считают, что вакцина против коронавируса существует, но ее скрывают

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Metalnyh the number of cases in the USA because of the coronavirus, has exceeded 50 000 — about half of Americans also do not believe in the veracity of this figure. This shows their distrust of the official authorities, as citizens are asked to rely on the government, health and other leaders in the period of the outbreak.

29% said they believe that a vaccine to prevent coronavirus infection, there is held, according to the project “Democracy Fund + UCLA Nationscape”. An even greater percentage, 32%, said they believe that the treatment for coronavirus exists but is not carried out. About 70% of Americans said that these statements are not true.

“To see that about a third of people believe in such, it was a shock to me,’ said Robert Griffin, Director of research of the Research group Fund democracy. Kinda dark type of thinking, which hovers around the public. This is a hidden distrust of society, distrust of authority”.

The project “democracy Fund + UCLA Nationscape” is an ambitious study of the American electorate. During the election cycle in 2020, researchers tend to spend 500,000 polls about politics and presidential candidates.

In this survey polled more than 6,300 Americans, the accuracy of the results is 2.2%. The project intends to monitor the reaction of Americans to a variety of information about the coronavirus.

“In this public health crisis, there are many battlefields,” said Griffin.

Views on the existence of the vaccine are virtually the same among followers of both Democrats and Republicans.

For COVID-19 there are no approved vaccines and treatment methods. Volunteers in Seattle (WA), which received vaccination at the first trial of a candidate vaccine against the coronavirus, now get them in the second round is an indication that the first test went well. But the experts of health say that vaccine development may take between 12 to 18 months.

From the point of view of the treatment, the US President Donald trump has repeatedly talked about the potential of hydroxychloroquine in the treatment of coronavirus. But Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and infectious diseases, said that its effectiveness does not give final results.

The survey showed that 44% of Americans believe that the coronavirus was probably created in a lab, while 56 percent said it probably or definitely not true. 50% of the supporters of the Republicans said that they believe that the coronavirus was created in a lab, compared with 37% of Democrats who said they think so.

“The key word is “established,” said Griffin, is a question which indicates the precise direction, giving no options”.

The world health organization (who) has stated that there is no evidence to support the idea that the coronavirus was created in a lab and that “it is likely the virus is of animal origin”.

Trump, who condemned who and stopped funding the organization, said that the United States investigate, not began whether the new coronavirus be spread after the accident at the Chinese biomedical laboratory high security in Wuhan.

48% of Americans said that the US “hide” the number of deaths from the coronavirus that causes most so say the supporters of the Democrats. More than half of Democrats, 55%, said that likely the number of deaths is hiding, while this idea was supported by only 38% of Republicans.

Despite survey results that show distrust, the project “democracy Fund + Nationscape UCLA” found that the General public observes the action of social distancing recommended by the experts.

81% of Americans said that they hadn’t left the house for a long period of time, which is 9% more compared with 72% two weeks ago.

“Not all of it necessarily is a conspiracy,’ said Griffin about the misinformation that explored the survey. Some of them can just be things that people still do not know, lack of education.”

Other new results of the survey include:

35% of Americans believe that the influence of the coronavirus probably “exaggerated” for political purposes.

39% said that it is likely true that people aged 30 years and younger are less likely to be infected with the virus. This view is most common among people under the age of 44 years. Although young people are much more likely to recover from the disease, they can get infected the same way.

36% said that I believe that coronavirus is no more dangerous than seasonal flu for people younger than 30 years. This view is most common among people under the age of 44 years.


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