Poll: one in seven Americans will not go to the hospital for treatment COVID-19 due to the high cost of medical services

Center for control and prevention (CDC) urged people to call doctors if they have symptoms COVID-19, such as fever and a dry cough that is a vital step for testing and tracking the spread of the virus before they lift the quarantine. This writes the Market Watch.

Опрос: каждый седьмой американец не будет обращаться в больницу для лечения COVID-19 из-за высокой стоимости медуслуг

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But a new poll West Health and Gallup shows that one in seven Americans will seek medical help if they have symptoms because they fear the financial costs of treatment of the disease.

The researchers interviewed more than 1,000 adults in the United States during the period 1 to 14 April 2020 in the study to find out the public opinion about the cost of health care.

And 14% of respondents stated that they would not seek medical help if they or a family member will cough and fever, due to concerns about the cost of health care. Moreover, almost one in ten (9%) will continue to avoid getting medical care even if they suspect the presence of the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19, not just similar symptoms.

Concern about the cost of treatment COVID-19 decreases proportionally to the increase of socio-economic indicators.

Groups that most likely will not seek medical care, include more than 20% non-white people under 30 years of age, having secondary education and earning less than $40,000 a year.

In Gallup noted that some socio-economic groups are generally less willing to seek medical help because they simply can’t afford it: blacks and Hispanics are less likely to get health insurance, for example, than white.

This is consistent with the survey of the Kaiser family Foundation conducted in March, which showed that more than one third (36%) of respondents were worried about the possibility to afford testing or treatment — and two thirds of those who do not have health insurance expressed concern about the cost of treatment and testing.

However, Congress recently adopted a law on first aid to do the testing for coronavirus free. Most major health insurers agree to waive co-payments and other expenses out of pocket for tests for coronavirus.

According to a recent analysis of the health system, treatment COVID-19 may look quite different: the cost can reach $20 000 . It was found that even people with health insurance from the employer can pay more than $1 300 per account, if they are hospitalized with a serious case of COVID-19.

Moreover, spread some stories about the high medical bills associated with COVID-19, for example, mentioned about a man from Miami, who, after a working visit to China paid $3 270 per test for the presence of coronavirus, or about a man from Pennsylvania, who created a page on GoFundMe to gather up the money and pay $3 918 after he was evacuated from China, and quarantined with his three year old daughter.

In April Vice-President Mike Pence said that “billing will not be unexpected.” Internal revenue service United States (IRS) announced that health insurance plans with a high deductible may cover the testing and treatment of coronavirus.

Many people are now unable to pay his medical bills.

A record 30 million Americans are out of work because of layoffs related to the coronavirus. Although the government has allocated $290 billion for direct payments to individuals to help them cope with the pandemic, one in three Americans fears that this money is not enough even for a month. Most have said that they already need more money to make ends meet. Payments under the economic stimulus provided up to $1 200 for individuals earning less than $99, 000 per year, and $2 400 for married couples.

Gallup notes that the appeal for aid in the manifestation of symptoms COVID-19 or suspected infection with virus is an important part of the outbreak because of the increased testing is a key to restoration of the economy. The white house plans to double the testing for coronavirus in may to force the States to begin to lift restrictions and quarantine.

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