Polluting vehicles: no question of increasing the tax burden of motorists, assures Legault

Polluting vehicles: no question of increasing the tax burden on motorists, assures Legault


François Legault ensures that there is no question of increasing the tax burden on motorists, even if the Ministry of Transport (MTQ) is interested, in a call for tenders, in the possibility to impose a surtax like the one proposed by Québec solidaire.  

According to the documents consulted by our Bureau of Investigation, the MTQ wishes to study not one, but six ways to compensate for the possible loss of revenue related to the gas tax through the imposition, among other things, of a tax on polluting vehicles. 

This solution, already in place in some European countries, is reminiscent of the surcharge put forward by Québec solidaire, which François Legault demonized throughout the election campaign, calling it an “orange tax”.  

Hard to swallow for QS

On learning of the details of this call for tenders in the pages of the Journal, “I swallowed my coffee the wrong way and fell out of my chair”, reacted the solidarity deputy Ruba Ghazal, who sees, in this news, a demonstration of the hypocrisy of François Legault. 

“(The outgoing Minister of the Environment) Benoit Charette told us that it was going to cause a social crisis”, recalled Ms. Ghazal.&nbsp ;

However, some of the scenarios that the MTQ wants to study “go much further than what Québec solidaire proposes,” she observed, referring to the exemptions that her party promised for workers. and motorists in remote areas, for example. 

“What I see is that there was a lack of transparency (on the part of the CAQ). […] Was François Legault aware (of this call for tenders)? […] We were honest and we were brave with Quebecers, ”raised Ms. Ghazal.

In any case, one day or another, remarks-t -elle, the government will have no choice but to see to it because of the decrease in revenue related to the gasoline tax, caused by the increase in the number of electric vehicles. 

Legault has not changed his mind

Invited to react, the Prime Minister's entourage stressed that this is only a call for tenders. 

“It absolutely does not change our position. We promised it, we said it, we repeat it: there is no question of increasing the tax burden of Quebecers, ”insisted the press secretary of François Legault, Ewan Sauves. 

“These are only scenarios looked at by the MTQ, in the long term. But we rule out from the outset increasing the tax burden of Quebecers, “he assured, arguing that the CAQ wishes on the contrary, to put more money in the pockets of taxpayers, in particular with an anti- inflation and tax cuts.

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