Pompeo has led to the inauguration of the new U.S. Ambassador to Russia: what is known about him

U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo took the oath of the new U.S. Ambassador to Russia John Sullivan. He wrote about this in his Twitter, writes RBC.

Помпео привел к присяге нового посла США в России: что о нем известно

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According to Pompeo, the new Ambassador will be able to effectively coordinate efforts to strengthen cooperation and build constructive relations between the US and Russia.

In December 2019, the Senate has approved the nomination of Sullivan to the post of U.S. Ambassador to Russia. Then he was supported by 70 senators, while 22 voted against. The previous us Ambassador Jon huntsman left his post in October in connection with the decision to run for Governor of Utah.

Помпео привел к присяге нового посла США в России: что о нем известно

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Before Sullivan held talks with Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov, during which they reported that the improvement of relations between Moscow and Washington depends on the commitment of the Russian side to the Minsk agreements, and “rejection of efforts to undermine our democratic processes.”

Who is John Sullivan?

John Sullivan 60 years, he was born in Boston, Massachusetts, BBC reports.

From may 2017 holds the post of Deputy Secretary of state.

Education Sullivan is a lawyer, a doctor of laws degree he received from Columbia University.

The civil service came in 1991 in the justice Department, where he started as an adviser to the assistant attorney General.

In 1992, he was Deputy General counsel of the election campaign 43 U.S. President George W. Bush.

Later occupied a high position in the legal service of the Department of defense.

When Barack Obama chaired the intergovernmental group “USA-Iraq: the dialogue in the sphere of business”.

Why the appointment of Sullivan’s suddenOE?

With a rich experience of public service John Sullivan is not a career diplomat, and his appointment in Moscow raises many questions.

The head of the us diplomatic mission in Russia — a very important position in the diplomatic hierarchy of the United States, especially at the moment when relations between the two countries are in a worse state since the cold war.

On the one hand, Sullivan is familiar with the Russian establishment, as most recently led negotiations with the Russian side on issues of counter-terrorism and arms control.

At the same time, he played an important role in the issue of tightening sanctions on Russia.

And if in large international forums, he knows, that as Ambassador he will have to solve many problems where previous practical experience would be very useful.

For example, the number of priority cases he will have to deal with the decision of the Russian foreign Ministry to deny visas to 30 teachers who are waiting in Moscow in the Anglo-American school.

The school works on the basis of the embassies of the US, UK and Canada. Replenishment of teachers expected in August, to the beginning of the school year, but in July they were denied Russian visas.

This situation is very serious, as due to the lack of teaching staff will have to deduct a significant number of students-children of foreign diplomats.

What do you expect from the Ambassador of the United States?

The US attitude toward Russia there was a quite atypical situation when the views of the President and the political establishment are not the same.

Donald trump has repeatedly expressed the compliments of Vladimir Putin the day before and even offered to return it to the “Big eight”, which became the “Big seven” after Russia was expelled from the organization in connection with the annexation of Crimea.

However, the countries ‘ convergence does not occur. USA will continue to tighten anti-Russian sanctions, and, despite the end of official investigation of spectracolor Muller, many in the corridors of the Capitol continue to believe that Russia interfered in the us elections of 2016.

In such internal differences, the new Ambassador will be difficult to meet the expectations of all. Donald trump gives the Sullivan superior performance and believes that a man without much experience in diplomacy to begin its dipkurier in such a complex country as Russia.