Pont de Québec: “It's time to stop fooling around,” says Marchand

Quebec Bridge: “It's time çstopped silly», launches Marchand


Mayor Bruno Marchand's patience in the Quebec Bridge file is running out. “It's time for it to stop being stupid,” he says.

The mayor of Quebec is urging the parties to reach an agreement, as a new impasse arises in the case. “There is something wrong,” commented the mayor on the sidelines of the announcement of the first lab-school in Limoilou.

Radio-Canada reported Thursday morning that the federal government has found a common ground with the Canadian National (CN) to buy the rusty infrastructure that requires hundreds of millions of dollars to repair, but that the Legault government would have put a stop to it for an unknown reason.

“We have been discussing the future of this bridge [of what] should be a jewel for 15 years and even more. […] The citizen is tired of it after 15 years, after more than 15 years of waiting for a jewel to perish. There is something that does not make sense then me, what I say to politicians, there: manage to deliver results, ”he said.

Mr. Marchand affirms, however, that he does not know whether the Quebec state is responsible for this blockage and refuses to speculate on his motives, if any.

“I am not at the table . I can't know who's blocking, who's not blocking, but there's something wrong, there's something wrong and that's not why people elect us. People [do] not elect us so that we can make speeches, so that we can block things,” he complains.

More details to come…< /em>