Pope's visit to Quebec: transport details revealed

Pope's visit to Quebec City: details surrounding transportation are detailed veiled


Those who have tickets to attend the Pope's Mass on July 28 in Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré will have to get up very early, since the shuttle service will start at 5 a.m., even if the ceremony should not start until 10 am.

The organizers have planned two points to take the shuttles which represent the only way to get to the site. The first meeting point is located at the Videotron Center for participants coming from the west, while, for visitors coming from the east, the boarding point will be located near Mont Sainte-Anne. &nbsp ;

Buses that will transport Indigenous and diocesan delegations as well as members of the general public to the site will depart under police escort. The shuttles are free.

Participants are encouraged to bring their chair, a small parasol or umbrella and a cooler with refreshments. Glass contents will be prohibited. 

Sufficient sanitary facilities are provided. The basilica will accommodate 1,600 people inside, while 10,000 are expected outside. Tickets sold out in 10 minutes earlier this week on the Ticketmaster site.

The pope's speeches will be mainly in Spanish, his native language, but subtitles will be displayed in French and English on screens outside. Live stream links to hear the translation in 12 Indigenous languages ​​will be available.   

More details to come…

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