Pope's visit to Quebec: victims of sexual assault by priests do not want to be forgotten

Pope's visit to Quebec: victims of sexual assault by priests don't want to be forgotten


Victims of sexual assault committed by priests in Quebec want to take advantage of Pope Francis' passage to ask him to intervene in order to make reparation for their suffering. 

With the various remedies, it is estimated that more than 2,500 victims are still waiting to obtain justice before the Quebec courts.   

“We have been sensitive to your various messages in favor of recognizing the suffering experienced by victims of sexual assault, but we must also report to you that your words have not always been followed by all religious congregations and all Quebec dioceses. Certain religious congregations and certain dioceses use maneuvers which appear to us to go against the interests of the victims and your statements, ”says a group accompanied by lawyers Marc Bellemare and Alain Arsenault.  

Stretching time

According to them, “defense strategies” can lead to wait times of more than 10 years for some records, which is totally unacceptable to them.  

“We inform you that several victims have already died along the way, and that others will not know the fate of these files either during their lifetime,” they add.  

“Beyond prayers, the victims expect concrete actions. Can you intervene, Pope Francis, to quickly bring justice to the victims of sexual assault by members of your church?  

More details to come…  

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