Popular avalonstar ready to sell tickets for 1 Euro

CEO of Ryanair Michael O’leary said that earnings now don’t care about carrier, but it is more important to return the crews to the work and raise the aircraft into the air.

Популярный авиалоукостер готов продавать билеты за 1 евро

It is reported by the ekonomichna Pravda with reference to Reuters.

Ryanair expects that the European airlines will restore flight to a limited extent only in June, and in July and August carriers will offer discounts to encourage tourists to travel.

“Ticket price is 9.99, 4,99, 1,99 or 0,99 euros — we almost don’t care. Our critical task in the short term is not to make money but to give back to our pilots and flight attendants, and planes to lift into the air, — said the Executive Director of Ryanair Michael O’leary.

O’leary hopes that the next year will be successful from the point of view of income. Although the tickets may be cheaper than usual, the financial situation will improve due to falling oil prices and lower airport charges.

He also believes that the summer of 2021 has a huge potential, as tourists will want to realize thwarted plans for 2020.