Popular imported products fell in price

Imported products for the festive table of the Ukrainians, i.e. imported alcohol, red fish and red caviar is not expensive thanks to the strengthening of the hryvnia this year.

Популярные импортные продукты упали в цене

This at a press conference said Director of the Ukrainian Association of suppliers and retailers Alexey Doroshenko, reports Agronews.

According to Doroshenko, if the family buys a lot of imported, the cost of Christmas buffet did not rise significantly or even reduced.

A positive factor can be called the strengthening of the hryvnia against the dollar, which has led to cheaper products of foreign origin, thus, Ukrainians will have to pay less for the fish red grapes and caviar.

“Those who put on the table from imported products, this year can do it cheaper,” — said Doroshenko.

So, imported alcohol this year compared with 2018 is cheaper by 20%.

But at the same time, the average new year’s table, consisting mainly of products from Ukraine will grow by 8-10% — this is due to velikonemkovski vegetables. In addition, for poor people, including pensioners, Christmas table, on the contrary, will rise to 15%.

“Unfortunately, the price increase will be reflected on the table of the average Ukrainian, and the poorer, the more important growth rates compared with the previous year. Potato dishes will be the most expensive when compared with 2018. Traditionally the most expensive foods such as fish and meat, has increased in price less,” — said the expert.

The cost of alcoholic beverages in Ukraine increased slightly. Since alcohol is primarily affected by the minimum retail price, and it was not much raised and a half years. So, vodka has risen in price in Ukraine 3 UAH per 0.5 liters in 2019, and the attribute of the New year — champagne — rose 2-3 UAH per bottle.