Popular methods of cold prevention was recognized useless

Popular methods of prevention and treatment of colds are ineffective or completely useless. This statement was made by Andrei Tyazhelnikov, specialist.

Популярные методы профилактики простуды были признали бесполезными

According to Tyazhelnikova, gauze bandage on the face is a means of protecting against viruses, but the mask loses its protective function after three hours of use. Then, the mask itself becomes a source of infection, so only promotes infection.

Another popular means of prevention — oxolinic ointment, which should smear the mucous membranes of the nose. Efficiency means is quite controversial, as the ointment stick is located in the nose of the microvilli, hindering them to perform protective functions. Some people believe that to protect your system from viruses you can, if drip in a nose juice of garlic, but it may perhaps burn the mucosa, and no more.

Tea with raspberry jam is a useless tool. Vitamin C, which is composed of raspberry, disintegrates under the action of heat, so if you use the raspberries as a source of vitamins, only in fresh or dried form. It is worth noting that the effectiveness of vitamin C as a means to prevent colds and flu is also a big question.