Popular products that can make body odor unpleasant

Even healthy food such asparagus, tomato and cabbage, are able to do our unpleasant body odour. But especially “dangerous” in this respect, fish.

Популярные продукты, способные сделать запах тела неприятным

The phenomenon of body odour is known in medicine as bromhidrosis. Repulsive scent comes from the natural bacteria that live on human skin and feed on the sweat. The smell coming from the body, is the smell of their waste products.

British scientist Charles Stewart found that the appearance of specific bodily aroma can contribute to tomatoes. Contained karotinoidy and terpenes act in such a way that the human body acquires the smell of tomato stems.

If the human body is not an active enzyme, allowing it to break down the compound trimethylamine contained in fish, the body can begin to stink. People with this problem (trimethylaminuria) may not see it, but its unpleasant odor will feel.

The smell of sulfur may appear in those who eat a lot of cabbage. The different types are a source of sulphur, which, among other things, causes bloating and flatulence.

In addition, swelling in the intestines because of the accumulated gas in this methanol could be a consequence of consuming asparagus. Its use is able to make the pungent smell of sweat. Intense and unpleasant smell of sweat is common in people who eat a lot of meat.