Popular useful product was toxic

Makers of popular healthy spices turmeric can add lead chromate, are able to exert a neurotoxic action. This was stated by scientists from Stanford University (USA).

Популярный полезный продукт оказался токсичным

American researchers announced that they have received evidence that some manufacturers add in the spices turmeric industrial pigment of lead chromate – it is a cheap and quick way to give it the characteristic yellow hue. Scientists have applied isotopic analysis: they compared the lead isotopes of turmeric with the isotopes of lead in the blood of people.

Experts found contaminated with lead turmeric in seven of the nine regions-producers of this spice in Bangladesh. It was found that the consumption of dishes with turmeric is the most possible cause of heavy metal in the blood of the people of Bangladesh.

Scientists have concluded that lead increases the risk of cardiovascular disease in adults and contributes to developmental disorders of the Central nervous system, cognitive disorders in children. Experts emphasize that the safe limit of the content of heavy metal in the body does not exist, for the nerve cells it is toxic in any amount.