Popy plan new protests

One of the coordinators of the action SaveФОП Sergei dorotich said that Popi are planning new protests.

ФОПы планируют новые акции протеста

As told activist a conversation with political scientist, expert on international and domestic policy of the Ukrainian Institute for the future Yuri Romanenko, mass protests Popov will begin on 3 February, when all the deputies from the party “servant of the people” back from vacation.

“We wait until the rest of the deputies from the “public Servants” and then 3 of February will begin mass protests, pressure, dialogue with “servants”, — said Dorotich.

He noted that the aim of protests is trying to convince the “Servants of the people” to vote is required for the bills No. 2644 and # 2645, because activists understand that without a majority in Parliament, these documents will not be accepted.

Sergei dorotich said that Popov there are several actions that will help to more actively encourage the team to support Zelensky Popy.