Port of Quebec: a first harbor bath in North America

Port of Quebec: a first harbor bath in North America


The wish of many was granted this Friday, when the first swimmers launched themselves into the waters of Louise Basin for the inauguration of the Oasis du Port de Québec, the first port bath in America North. 

The first swimmers, including Federal Minister Jean-Yves Duclos, former MP Agnès Maltais and Michel Beaulieu, spokesperson for the Société des Gens de Baignade, jumped into the waters of Bassin Louise on Friday.

The wharf behind Espace 400e has been completely redesigned at a cost of 2.6 M$. 

Removable installations allow access to the port bath, which includes a basin recreational area of ​​650 square meters and five lanes of 50 meters as in Olympic swimming pools. 

Nearby, a bar, a terrace and spaces with street furniture are available to visitors.

Live the experience

Among the hundred of people who had put on their swimsuits this Friday, the former deputy for Taschereau Agnès Maltais was on the starting line. Remember that in 2006, she took part in a symbolic swim in Louise Basin so that citizens could, one day, reclaim the place. 

Le Journaleven tested the new basin, noting that the water was warmer than he had apprehended. Lifeguards reported the temperature to be 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

The depth of the pool is also quite impressive. Depending on the tides, 16 feet can separate the bottom from the water on the surface. Enough to scare the author of these lines, who expected to hit the bottom much faster. 

The presence of algae can also cause discomfort. 

Water quality

Tests have been carried out for two months by the City of Quebec to ensure the quality of the water in the river. Daily reports are also produced.

In fact, for this first day of swimming, it is the “A” rating. which has been recorded, meaning “excellent” water quality. 

“Most of the time, it's the A rating. 10% of the time B, so very good,” says Marc-Olivier D'Amours, manager of the Nordik Village of the Port of Quebec. It should be noted that in Quebec bodies of water, swimming is prohibited from grade D.

During our visit in the middle of the afternoon, there were few swimmers . According to Mr. D'Amours, the site is not yet known and the habit remains to be created, especially since access is free.

“People are surprised to see a harbor basin. They ask a lot of questions.” However, the terrace of the Oasis with the view of the marina was full.

The few people present indicated that the water was rather refreshing, but comfortable. Same observation for the representative of the Journal, who had a very pleasant time in a unique setting.  

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