Portions of phase 3 will be accessible this summer

Portions of Phase 3 will be available this summer


Certain portions of phase 3 of Promenade Samuel-de-Champlain will be accessible this summer, since work has progressed significantly over the past year.

The National Capital Commission of Quebec presented yesterday an update on the progress of the imposing construction site. 

Some parts of the project, which stretches over 2.5 km, have taken shape, including the Bathers' Pavilion, where you will find the urban beach and the water mirror with jets. 

During the summer, residents will have access to the portions located at the ends of phase 3. La Côte station, at the foot of the Sillery coast, and La Voile station, further east, will be accessible.

The remainder of the work will be completed in approximately one year.

Despite the labor shortage and inflation, phase 3 will be carried out “on schedule and on budget of $193 million,” says the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister. responsible for the Capitale-Nationale, Geneviève Guilbault.

“A phase 4 quickly “

For his part, the mayor of Quebec, Bruno Marchand, said earlier in the morning that he “can't wait for phase 3 to be completed”.

But he stressed the importance of getting phase 4 of the walk underway. This was rejected last month by Minister Guilbault, who then retracted, promising to carry it out.

“We want a phase 4 quickly, which fits with everything that grows in that area. […] Phase 4, we have to move forward. You really have to put the pedal to the bottom. It is important for the citizens of the east end of the city. 

Geneviève Guilbault said to hear for “the first time” this “urgency to do phase 4 on the part of the City of Quebec.”

“No one had ever told me about it before. There may also be coincidences in there. But anyway we all want the same thing, we want to carry out phase 4. There is an electoral campaign coming up so you will also see our regional electoral platform,” she commented, repeating to a few times during the press briefing that “Phase 4 has always been in our plans” and that it “will happen. “

The staircase soon to be ready

Announced last October, the staircase in the Bois -de-Coulonge is about to welcome its first walkers and will be officially open to the public from July 15. 

The infrastructure connects the Bois-de-Coulonge park, the des Champs-de-Bataille at the foot of Gilmour Hill and the end of phase 3 of the parkway.

Composed of 294 steps, the staircase will be the fourth in importance in the region.

– With the collaboration of Stéphanie Martin

An investment of $193.3 million

Among the main attractions of the phase 3 will be :

  • An urban beach
  • A 1500 m2 swimming pool
  • A water mirror with jets
  • Three theme stations and three service pavilions
  • Access to the river banks
  • Enhancement of the Saint-Michel marsh
  • Cycle paths, sidewalks and pedestrian paths over 2.5 km
  • Stairs linking Côte Gilmour to Bois-de-Coulonge
  • Street furniture and a picnic area with fixed barbecues

Source: Comm of the National Capital of Quebec