Possible animal abuse in Lévis: MAPAQ is carrying out an intervention at the Chenil La Poursuite

Possible animal abuse in Lévis: MAPAQ is conducting an intervention at the Chenil La Continuation


An operation by the authorities has been underway since Wednesday morning at the Chenil La Poursuite in Lévis, a little over a week after sources denounced situations of animal abuse at the Journal.

Agents from the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food of Quebec (MAPAQ) were on site in the morning, accompanied by police. According to our information, searches could take place. 

On October 17, Le Journal an activist made disturbing revelations about what she saw at the within the organization which has some 200 dogs. Former employees and members of the company's entourage have also denounced the mistreatment suffered by several animals.

According to several sources, the environment of the animals is unsanitary.

Lack of veterinary care, unsanitary environment, dogs infested with parasites and viruses, others killing each other… their story sent shivers down the spine. 

However, when questioned on this subject, one of the owners of the place, Laurent Caouette, had indicated that these remarks were “completely false”, despite the numerous complaints filed against the Chenil La Poursuite over the years. 

A photo provided by a source and dating from January 2020 shows a pool of blood after a fight between two beasts.

He also claimed to follow MAPAQ's recommendations to the letter and that the comments made by our sources were simply intended to make his business look bad. 

More information to come. ..