Possible murder in Stoneham: the victim is a foreign national

Possible Stoneham murder: victim is a foreign national


The Sûreté du Québec confirms that the body found in a vehicle in Stoneham on Monday afternoon is that of a 20-year-old foreign national.

Spokesperson Béatrice Dorsainville said that the identity of the man or his country of origin would only be revealed once the family has been duly notified. 

“With all the information collected up to 'now, it tends to show that it could be a murder,' reiterated the policewoman.

The day after the macabre discovery, no suspect has yet been apprehended.< /p>

The provincial police did not provide any details on the means deployed to identify and locate a possible suspect.

Glass shards

On site, chemin des Familles on the edge of boulevard Talbot, a handful of investigators continued their work aboard a mobile command post on Tuesday noon.

A dog handler was also seen earlier during the day, raking certain sectors.

On the hillside of chemin des Familles, a gray vehicle which was visible on the scene Monday evening was moved or towed. On the ground, only traces remain tires and shards of glass are visible, noted Le Journal.

The emergency services had been informed around 2 p.m. Monday of the presence of an inanimate body in a car.

According to information from a witness collected by Le Journal, it was a teenager who was returning of a bike ride who would have learned of the tragedy and would have alerted his parents.


According to the SQ, witnesses heard detonations. However, she refuses to confirm whether there are gunshot wounds on the body.

In this wooded sector of Stoneham located near Highway 73, the neighbors met by Le Journalwere sparing of comments, the day after the events.

A resident claimed to be into nothingness relative to the circumstances of the disastrous events, but to feel reassured by the police presence.

The former mayor surprised

The former mayor of Stoneham-et-Tewkesbury Claude Lebel, who lives nearby, said he was as surprised as his fellow citizens.

“It's an extremely peaceful area. People come to live here because indeed, nothing normally happens, so it's very strange,” he exclaimed.

“I think it's a shame, it's sad [ …] There are all kinds of people who live around us, whether here, whether in town”, reacted a resident of Talbot Boulevard, who preferred not to be identified.


“We don't know the reason. It's very sad. I don't know him,” he concluded.