Possible treatment COVID-19: 6 monkeys was infected with coronavirus after administration of an experimental vaccine

Six monkeys who received an experimental vaccine to combat COVID-19, developed by Oxford University, was infected with coronavirus after 28 days of continuous exposure to the virus. This writes the Business Insider.

Возможное лечение COVID-19: 6 обезьян не заразились коронавирусом после введения экспериментальной вакцины

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The results of this study are promising, and perhaps a vaccine will be created earlier than expected. This vaccine also is being tested on humans. However, a working version of the vaccine for man is not created for several months even in the best case.

The experiment with the monkeys was conducted in late March, scientists in the laboratory of the rocky mountain in Hamilton (MT).

Six rhesus monkeys received the vaccine, produced by the Jenner Institute and the Oxford group of scientists. Then they were exposed to high levels of coronavirus, which was known to have previously caused infection from other monkeys. These monkeys, however, was not affected and remained healthy, at least 28 days later.

“A rhesus monkey to a considerable extent closest to the man,” said Vincent Munster, chief of the Department of virus ecology in the laboratory.

The Jenner Institute, which is part of the Oxford group, leads the global race to create a vaccine against the coronavirus.

The vaccine, injected rhesus rhesus monkey, called nCoV hAdOx1-19. Human trials began on Thursday, April 23, and is expected to be completed in September. The process of developing vaccines is long, and even the creation of it by September will be extremely fast.





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