Potap and Kamenskih filmed a funny video for the new song

Potap and Nastya Kamensky ran away from city hustle and fog in exotic Mexico. Couple enjoys vacation by the ocean and indulge fans photos and videos from the resort. The singer also made a surprise for fans and released a hot new clip for fresh track Elefante.Video is not a joke stirred the network caused heated debate. At this time, Potap and Nastya decided to play his version of the movie and shot a bright Amateur video for the new track.

Потап и Каменских сняли смешное видео под новую песню

The producer shared the funny shots on the page in Instagram. Funny video by the voice of Anastasia and strings in Spanish, he shows the camera a small banana, and “insidious” Nastya in response, smiling slyly and laughing, armed with a standard fruit size.

It is worth noting that the video was made using a special social network TikTok to create music videos.

Facial expressions and emotions of the couple “provoked” fans in reaction to the comments. They are clearly amused by the action in the frame.

  • You can watch endlessly
  • Very funny somehow
  • Ouro! Nastya ohnište
  • Top
  • Cool
  • Potap, you’re out of luck with a banana
  • And Nastupi the banana more
  • Funny
  • Class, such inventors, uplifting
  • What You cool!
  • Yak always pozitivchik
  • TSE comegno
  • Very cool

Also steam decided to make another funny video to the delight of fans. However, the video is available only in stories. Anastasia tried on the role of tough guy in the cap, and the flood turned into a lady about to give birth with towel on his head. They played a hilarious sketch on the track the group MOZGI “Girl”.