Potap and Kamenskih showed what they do in Mexico

Potap and Nastya Kamensky went on vacation to Mexico. Despite the relaxed holiday mood, the couple does not forget about sports – daily jogs early in the morning it has become a habit. Therefore, in addition to images in swimsuit and beach bows, the artists published the images with Jogging in sportswear and share their good mood with the fans. Potap decided to show “evidence” of diligent training in the fresh photos in Instagram.

Потап и Каменских показали, чем занимаются в Мексике

Nastya and her husband captured in wet t-shirts. Potap raised his arms up and bent them at the elbows, showing off biceps. The singer poses without makeup, skorchev funny face at the camera.

“We have wet t-shirt and got a picture, you’re not thinking that we were sweating!” with humor said the rapper.

Sports photo artists one of the first to appreciate their coach Andrew Khomitsky. “Stronger photo I vigladet super,” he railed wards.

Fans also started to comment on the. They said that Potap Nastya next to the thinner and younger.

  • It’s a wet beach movement! Although you can think
  • Nice
  • As Potap losing weight! Well done!
  • You are cool
  • Nicras
  • As the farm is lost!
  • Nastya and Potap pulled!
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