Potap and Kamenskih was cleaning the forest from garbage

Potap and Nastya Kamensky pass combines leisure, fun and active – every morning begins with a pair of runs, and in a rare weekend days and during the weekend dedicating time to each other. The singer once admitted that still behaves with her husband like met him recently.

Потап и Каменских убирали лес от мусора

Lovers never hesitate to show affection in public, and show each other the impulses of tenderness and passion. With the onset of autumn, Potap and Nastya are increasingly taking on long walks in a beautiful nature in silence from the noisy city alone with the forest. So, the actress has published in instagram a happy frame my husband made from the colorful leaves.

Nastya jumped on the hands of her husband, wrapped her legs around his waist and he is holding his wife with one hand, so that she fell. The rapper and singer are dressed in similar yellow jackets, and on the head of them – warm and cozy hats. They smile radiant and literally glowing from happiness.

Under the singer said that initially planned to go for mushrooms, but oddly found none, decided to clear the forest of debris.

“So, mushrooms near Kiev is not, but you can gather a decent basket of rubbish, plastic bottles and help nature. Have a great weekend”, she said.

Fans conquered not only the romantic photo of the couple, but also their awareness and desire to care of the environment and decide albeit small, but the problem of ecology.

  • What are the bunnies!
  • Handsome
  • So cute
  • Nastya you are so cool with Potapov. God bless your family
  • Well done!!! Respect to you for such actions!
  • Your pair I really like! From the purity of nature to the purity of the soul?! The message that inspired not only you now
  • Good photo and happy couple
  • You are really cool