Potap and Nastya Kamensky showed how you start your morning


Nastya Kamenskih lot of time and energy invested in your figure, so, the singer allows herself to relax very much and tries to keep in shape. So, even during a wedding trip to Sardinia and Corsica, which she recently organized beloved husband of the farm, she did not interrupt training and regularly showed fans of morning runs and gym sessions. Of course, she continues in the same spirit and after returning to Kyiv.

Потап и Настя Каменских показали, как начинают свое утро

Moreover, often the company is Nastia and newly minted spouse. It happened this time! On his page in Instagram Kamensky showed how they began Tuesday morning. Together with the captain and coach Andrew Homick they at 6 a.m. were already in the Botanical garden in Kiev, where he spent, according to the artist, a very interesting exercise.

For such a cheerful morning she chose black leggings, loose black t-shirt and sneakers and a belt, her fashionable bags banana. Potap also adorned in gym shorts and t-shirt. The company also made two black dogs. In the picture Nastya sat on the pavement, pointing hands on the dog, and the captain and coach are behind her. Interestingly, both artists in the hands of a tennis racket — so probably they started the morning with a tennis or badminton.

“6:00 Botanical garden. With all the guys we produce endorphins and escape from bad moods ( well, saved ) @khomytskyi_official thank you for the morning was very interesting trenka! And you, dear friends, too, will soon be able to see her! There @realpotap flip turns. veri soon…” — intrigued followers Kamensky.

Fans praise Nastya and Potap for such hard work and thank you for the excellent motivation. Some even thought that the singer is pregnant.

  • Well done, early awakening — guarantee of good mood for the whole day!!!
  • Very supportive of sports in the morning! Umnichki!
  • Nastya, a good example to his fans! 6 am is already on the sport. Good luck to you!
  • I thought she was pregnant?)
  • Beautiful
  • Ti best instant
  • I think Captain enough to lose weight!
  • Good morning Nasty
  • Nastya ,what a wonderful couple you two and Alex, I was happy for you in the distance to your wedding like you I have relatives, be most happy
  • You rock
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