Potap has announced the release of the new album

Ukrainian singer Alexey Potapenko (Potap) announced the release of a new album.

News celebrity shared on Instagram.

Потап анонсировал выход нового альбома

According to Potapov, the album will be released on Friday, September 27, and will be called MISHA.

“Romance and poetry are the main components of the new album. 27 Sep MISHA will come to you on their plush legs and bring the love,” shared the artist.

Wife Potap Nastya Kamenskih congratulated favorite with a new album.

“My most talented bear Potap. I congratulate you with the new an unusual, but very sexy album. I know how hard it was and how you changed during the recording that these songs were born. I’m your fan. Can’t wait for the release to be put on repeat”, — emotionally commented on Kamensky.