Potap openly talked about hating Kamensky

According to Potapov, the Duo with Nastya was several times on the verge of extinction

Потап откровенно рассказал о ненависти к Каменских

Potapov frankly told how he had quarreled with Nastya Kamenskih in the period of existence of the duet Potap and Nastya. According to Ukrainian rapper, she called his music “der**om.” About the artist told in interview to the program “GWL”. Every day after the founding team (2006) popularity of the group soared. However, with the popularity grew and hatred Potap and Nastya to each other.

“She said, “Is der**I don’t want to sing”. And said these words. To my music! I’m a writer, I already known. Who are you to say?” — recalls a rather tough conflict with Nastya Potap.

However, the team was too hyped and brought a lot of money to close it. They continued to give concerts, but lived in different hotels!

“Now all of our Ukrainian artists all together can’t compare to the duet Potap and Nastya! Potap and Nastya earned more than double the Ukrainian show-business together”, — says Potap.

The captain admits money changed him in that moment. The actor appeared star disease.

“Was stellar disease. Started disrespectfully treated”.

Moreover, several times the existence of the duet hung in the balance. For the first time this has happened after three years since the founding of Potap and Nastya, Kamenskih when the contract expired.

“She wanted to leave all in his solo career. And I wanted her gone, and she is in my throat already. But the moment she was gone, something in my heart Bang behind me wanted her to lure in a solo project. And she came to me and said, “You know, I want to poach, I want to share with you”. Here she’s honest! At least it deserves respect,” — says Potap.

Fortunately, she has not gone. However, after a couple of years, was again on the verge of a quarrel Potap and Kamenskih.

“Something is Nastya and I had a fight… But I couldn’t let her go. Something in my heart was so tight and was so painful. I said to myself: If you hurt, then you do not want to let her go as a woman. I returned it back.”

In 2017 Potap and Nastya announced the suspension of the Duo. This was an important reason both wanted to try himself in solo career.

“When we wrote the song “Toxic”, I felt that we very probuksovyvanija in the material. And Nastya from the beginning was a solo singer. This was done for the sake of Anastasia and me. I would never have released a solo project”.