Potap presented a new candid video

The rapper openly spoke about working on new album

Потап презентовал новую откровенную видеоработу

Potap after a romantic weekend with Nastya Kamenskih in Turkey, fans news. The rapper presented a lyrical solo mini-album under the name MISHA, which consists of seven tracks of sensual and explicit music video for the title song of the album called CHINA.

JOHN/ — this is only the first part of the double album PTP (stage name Potap) under name JOHN/NINA. According to the artist, he appeared before the fans in the unfamiliar role lyrics and romance. A relevant post appeared on the website of Potap in instagram.

“This album is the new me. No less. I would like to write a huge post, I’ve been waiting for him to come , but now it’s time to release …. I just want to say a huge thank you to Nick Niker, thanks to this guy and our work, buzz and sparkle, cut out every day, minute, second MISHA was born. 23 minutes of love. Listen, but know JOHN/ waiting for its plush pair /NINA already waves his paw”, intrigued him.

Also on the YouTube channel Potap appeared candid video for the song CHINA. Clip events occur in stritez club. The rapper sits at a table and watching hot dancing girls, but one of them clearly sunk into his soul and danced privately.

The track talks about the first emotions that literally overwhelm a man when he’s watching the girl and starts to experience a cocktail of feelings. The captain gave is the definition of the clip and the song: “This video is oil pooled next to the body of the imagination, created by our boys Denis Manogai and max Shelkovnikov. Such a situation in my life happen quite often, you enjoy the aesthetics and beauty of the female body, go on about the art of dance, but his mind and heart, you on the other.”

Video: YouTube/PTP

The rapper admitted that before the release of the album showed the achievements of people from their environment and was interested in their opinion.

“When you work on tracks, you have someone show , it’s usually with a close, trusted circle of people. Songs from the album JOHN / got to hearing a few of the girls from Mozgi Ent. and they produced the effect of bombs, fairies PR and not only excitedly began to talk about the fact that this is the same farm that they would like to hear that after the “Constants” this romantic way, that everything is so enthusiastically adopted, we need to continue that song “China” they are ready to put on your wedding dance etc . (Later at a wedding she still sounded)”, — he said.

“Of course I showed these songs at home, his beloved Nastya Kamensky and her friends and the effect was the same, all with one voice asked “put “China”, put “China”. Nastya generally very feels me and she was very supportive of my endeavours, inspiring confidence and giving me strength. The final chords of “assessments” were the words Nadia Dorofeeva that she’s “such a pleasure to listen to in the car,” and Michelle Andrade ,who just slow danced and said “Leeeee, it’s sensual”, — said Potapov.

The actor admitted that writing the album was difficult, but the result of that was.

“I had to “break” itself, specifically as a producer and as the author and artist, I was very tired from such a capacious energy-consuming and meticulous work… All this time I feel supported at home and at work,” he said.

Fans appreciated the Prime Minister-a sensual and shared their opinions in the comments below the video.

  • What a tender and sensual song
  • Song fire. Bear showed himself, with absolutely other side. Love works wonders. Expect to see at the end of Nastya as a song about her. You are such a beautiful and happy couple: fire in the eyes when you look at each other. Happiness, love huge to make it work on the dream. Love you
  • Fire
  • Potap krasava!
  • It was from the heart
  • Some tasty music and clip!
  • Gorgeous
  • Super
  • Charming song already on repeat, but the clip at all in the subject