Potapov frankly told about family life

Potap and Nastya Kamensky — one of the brightest and most discussed couples of Ukrainian show-business. Despite the fact that they got married just this spring, together artists for many years, but still retained the passion and fervor who are not shy to demonstrate in public.

Потап откровенно рассказал о семейной жизни

Recently, the singer admitted that after the forced separation from a loved they literally cannot keep their hands off each other, because they are very temperamental couple. But Potap in show Glory on the YouTube channel Lux FM open up about what Nastya is at home and whether she is the hostess.

The actor said that the new album PTP MISHA / he sang about the relationship with Kamensky and was relieved when told the world about them.

“I am very tired to be discreet. It is generally rude to the woman and to himself. So the time came when we decided to do the wedding,” — said Potapov.

According to him, Nastya is a wonderful hostess. She is incredibly cooking and watching the house and dog. And her signature dish — pasta al dente with shrimp.

“She’s super-woman. I call her wonder woman,” — said the man.

Video: Potap about life with Nastya Kamenskih (youtube.com/Люск FM)

The singer also motivate my husband to exercise, and he supports her dreams and goals.

“I’m the athlete in the past, it is my love for the sport again opened. We understand each other very suited to each other. We worked together and got to know each other, we have common goals, we look one way and we are all well. She dreams of a Grammy, and I was impressed by these big dreams and aspirations. She is a international superstar! And she lives at my house, and I cooking and cleaning,” says a satisfied artist.

According to the producer, be sure that you are not swallowed up boring life.

“We need to make the relationship and the life that he was not given, but was cool. For example, I like to clean snow in the winter, or to beat something. Life should be interesting. Sometimes you can let your wife to cook your pasta al dente in a single apron”, with humor said Potap.