Potapov said that he and his wife parted

After an eventful trip to Mexico, where they had time to relax by the ocean and engage in the promotion of the new hit singer Elefante, Nastya Kamenskikh and Potap returned to Ukraine and immediately plunged into the vortex of Affairs and events.

Потап рассказал, что они с супругой разъехались

So, the actress recently rocked the “Evening Prime Minister” with Katya Osadchaya in a spicy latex bodysuit, presented a song and on the Ukrainian scene. The farm also boasts a major achievement in his honor was opened by the star on the so-called “Avenue of stars” in Kiev, near the metro station “Sports Palace”.

However, now the couple will have to leave, as they have concerts in different cities and even countries. On his page in the network instagram, the rapper shared a bright farewell of the beloved. Both artists captured in a stylish and colorful sports images.

Anastasia chose a comfortable sports suit mint color with an oversized switchtm and black boots. Potap also went on the road in a comfortable outfit — black-and-red tracksuit, krossovkah and hat. Positive couple posing on the streets of Kiev, holding hands and as if saying goodbye to the photographer.

“We went to concerts, Nastichka to Spain, I’m in Khmelnitsky and Lutsk with the @mozgiband #mozgi ,Palacios!” — said the producer.

Followers wish them good journeys and admire the bright costumes, the stylish spouses.

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