Potapov told about the relationship with Nastya Kamenskih after the wedding

The actor admitted that he and his wife really suit each other

Потап поведал об отношениях с Настей Каменских после свадьбы

After their lavish wedding in may this year Nastya Kamensky and Potap became much more openly — because they no longer have to hide their relationship. Artists are happy to share in the network of romantic and sometimes racy sharing photos and moments from your life. In addition, the singer told in an interview about the changes after marriage and how she managed to instill in her husband a love of sports and a healthy lifestyle. The producer also decided on revelation and the transmission of “rumors” told about the relationship with the woman after a formal marriage.

Potap I am sure that if she ask if it makes him happy, she will answer “Yes” and it will be right.

“I know Cindy if you have to ask, does it create happiness me, she’ll say Yes, because sweeping was our connection and how people who work together, and how people who are into each other. Yesterday we children with her were fooling around in the kitchen. She came from some party with huge false hair, high heels, a fly here (on the face — approx. ed.). A very different girl from Insta-Chicks such. God, how I liked it! We had fun with it, get the maximum pleasure”, — said the showman.

He also said that they are trying to find the time to just be alone, take a walk in nature.

“She cooks, together we play sports, a dog. Allocated time recently, went to the Park. Managers called our and we were able to walk with her for three hours in the Park. We collected leaves, conkers. In General, some things are cool. Very cool,” said the happy man.

Potapov said that “brunette with brown eyes” — his favourite type, and complimented the leading program Ramine: “Your boyfriend is lucky”.