Potato is useful for training

If the bite of mashed potatoes during sports training, it is almost as effective as the use of particular carbohydrate gels. This is the conclusion reached by scientists who have proven the benefits of potatoes to athletes.

Картофель полезен для тренировок

Such a simple dish as mashed potatoes, really improves the effectiveness of physical exercise — say foreign researchers who decided to find an affordable alternative to expensive carbohydrate gels for athletes. It turned out that the usual mashed potatoes are no worse.

Testing on twelve volunteers who were passing on bikes average for two hundred and fifty kilometers per week, showed that the amount of carbohydrates that can be obtained from the mashed potatoes, approximately corresponds to the volume of carbohydrates from a special sports gel. Well, you already guessed that to pay for the gel there is no need, when the world long ago invented mashed potatoes.

“We measured indicators of blood glucose, as well as such key physiological parameters as body temperature, pressure, and so on. It turned out that the differences among the participants who took the gel and puree, practical was not”, — say the authors of the study, adding that in some respects, the gel is still superior to mash — for example, special food for athletes does not cause discomfort in the intestines and stomach, which complained about some fans of mashed potatoes.