Power outage: Village Vacances Valcartier evacuated

Power failure: Village Vacances Valcartier evacuated


A power outage forces the Valcartier Vacation Village to close for the day. A delivery truck snagged a utility pole, causing the breakage.

“We have a 53-foot delivery truck that made a bad maneuver coming out of the parking lot. He hit a pole with a medium voltage wire. Currently, there is no electricity at Village Vacances Valcartier. There are no more pump and filtration systems. Unfortunately, they are forced to close the site for now. It will take several hours before we can fix all that,” said Jérôme Sauvageau of the Saint-Gabriel de Valcartier fire department.  

The incident occurred around 10 a.m. Hydro-Québec teams are busy on the scene. 

Visitors who had to turn back were of course disappointed with the turn of events. However, they were able to obtain the assurance that their ticket will be honored tomorrow. 

“We come from Rimouski. We rented a cabin. We will come back tomorrow. We find solutions. We don't have much choice,” said William Gagnon from Rimouski, who was accompanied by all his little kids.  

More details to come…

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