Powerful showers and a dangerous wind storm Cristobal intensifies, continuing movement in the USA

Tropical storm Cristobal may again increase, teaming up with another storm system coming from the West to form one giant cyclone. This warn meteorologists Fox News.

Мощные ливни и опасный ветер: шторм Кристобаль усиливается, продолжая движение по США

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June 8 in Louisiana, was found alive and unharmed two boatman after the day before their boat sank in the deep Strait near SLIDELL.

They told the cops that survived in the water during the day and Sunday evening, 7 June, clinging to a life jacket. By Monday morning they managed to reach the shore, said police Sergeant Suzanne Carboni.

According to Carboni, people sailed through marshland and found them sitting on the porch of a local campsite.

Мощные ливни и опасный ветер: шторм Кристобаль усиливается, продолжая движение по США

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According to Louisiana Governor John Bela Edwards storm Cristobal held a “good test” for the state on the overall response and willingness to hurricanes, especially in combination with the ongoing efforts to respond to the coronavirus.

As reported by officials, the US President Donald trump has agreed to declare a state of emergency in Louisiana.

Forecasters expect that after the flooding the greater part of the South the remnants of a storm Cristobal will cause strong winds, heavy rains and thunderstorms in most parts of the Midwest during the Tuesday, June 9.

It is expected that very strong storm system emerging from the Rockies in the next couple of days, combined with Cristobal’s, said Greg Carbine, watching the projections the Center for weather prediction in College Park, Maryland.

“These two systems will eventually merge into a large cyclone, said Karbin. Is a pretty exciting collaboration, which we will see in the next couple of days.”

The National weather service added that by the evening of June 9 in Chicago are expected wind gusts up to 45 mph (72 km/h). Local boaters warned of storm winds on the nearby lake Michigan on 9 and 10 June.

Forecasters say strong winds may be felt from Nebraska to Wisconsin. In some parts of Iowa, Minnesota and South Dakota for gusty winds and low humidity will pose a threat of fire in areas with dry grass, warning the National weather service. According to experts, any incipient flame will spread rapidly.

Cristobal weakened to a tropical depression in the first half on 8 June. The storm resulted in the flooding of coastal Louisiana and create dangerous weather in most parts of the Gulf coast and the flooding of the Alabama and the formation of a tornado in Florida.

Torrential rains and storm surges continued to be a threat in vast areas of the Gulf coast after the afternoon of June 7 Cristobal made landfall with winds up to 50 mph (80 km/h) between the mouth of the Mississippi river and the island resort community of Grand Isle, which was evacuated.

The remnants of Cristobal can bring rains for several days. The projected path will lead him to Arkansas and Missouri for Tuesday, June 9, and then the remnants of the storm will pass through Illinois and Wisconsin to the Great lakes.

“This is a very tropical rains, — said the Director of the National hurricane center Ken Graham. — This is a rain very quickly.”

In his last message about cristóbal weather forecasters of the National hurricane center said that in some areas may fall up to 15 inches (38 cm) of rain, which could lead to a significant exit of the river banks in the middle and upper Mississippi valley.


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