“Pray!”: S. appealed to the fans Zavorotnyuk

«Молитесь!»: Семенович обратилась к поклонникам Заворотнюк

A lover of performances in the occupied territories, the ex-soloist of group “Brilliant” Anna Semenovich decided to support sick actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, which is a bitter struggle with severe cancer.

According to Anna, now up to fans perfect nanny comes a huge amount of information about their idol, that’s just a big part of this news is just cruel fakes.

For example, the environment rejects the fact that the actress lapsed into a coma. In addition, fake was the news of the car crash connected to the ventilator. At the same time, it is known that the artist was transported to another hospital, where it is planned to continue with her treatment

Why called S. of Nastya’s fans to stop in order to pray for her health. In addition, the singer pointed to the official channel where you can learn about the patient’s condition of the actress.

“Now not so much correct information comes to us about the health of Anastasia! I ask everyone to stop and pray about the health of Nasti. If you want to know the truth, I recommend to subscribe to this page @podderzhka_azavorotnyuk. Will support Nastya together”,— wrote Anna Semenovich.

«Молитесь!»: Семенович обратилась к поклонникам Заворотнюк

As you know, yesterday the fans had created in Instagramстраницу, which is designed to deal with rumors and speculation, distributed about Anastasia lovers of gossip. Unfortunately, on the night of Friday, the page no longer open, and in its place sported a sign that the page is blocked or removed.

“FAKTY” wrote that the Russian actor Sergey Zhigunov, who is famous for his romance with actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, refused the alleged words attributed to him about the health of cancer-fighting star of “My fair nanny”.

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