Prayed that not “to fall under the hammer”: it became known as broke “thieves in law” in the colony…

Молились, чтоб не «попасть под молотки»: стало известно, как ломали «воров в законе» в колонии...

One of the most isolated colonies, the “White Swan” in the Perm region, recently appeared at the hearing — after the death of one of the founders, the General-the major of Federal Agency of execution of punishments Vasily Snytsarev. He introduced the methods according to the legend, allowed “to break around 130 thieves in law”. Former employees of “the White Swan” still refuse to openly share the details of the service. About it writes “URA.RU”.

Edition managed to gather the stories of those who sat, worked and heard about what was happening in the colony.

Colony “White Swan” was created as a Soviet experiment in 1980 as a single cell-type facility (EPKT). This place is the most strict isolation of the worst offenders. Separate premises of chamber type have in each colony (this delinquent were for a period of up to six months). A “White Swan” became a colony with the same routine for the guilty prisoners all over the country. One of the goals of EPKT — creation for employees of the correctional system capabilities to operate outside of the law, with no control over their actions.

Its name, according to one version, she has the color of the walls, which are lined with white brick. On the other — the name comes from the typical manner of displacement of prisoners who are not allowed to straighten up, which vaguely resembled the silhouette of a Swan. But there is another: getting here, prisoners “was singing her last Swan song.”

In Solikamsk from across the country began to send “thieves in law” and the most malicious violators of law and order in the colonies. If in regular penal institutions for detainees, which are available for violations of the procedure in isolation, was the possibility to influence the life of the colony, the “White Swan”, it was excluded. The colony was represented by a large insulator, inside of which was another prison.

“White Swan” was a real horror for the prisoners which adversely affect the other prisoners, and hinder the work of the prison administration.

The political scientist, the author of the novels “Confessions of a Russian gangster” and “the Way a Russian gangster” Michael Orsky said that in 1988, after eight years of imprisonment, his rebellion in correctional labour institution No. 8 (Orenburg) was transferred to “sieve” in Krasnoyarsk region.

“We all prayed to have passed us this Cup to stage the went through the “White Swan”. Because even those who were in transit got there under the hammer, “recalls Orsk.

He argues that the stories of other prisoners, all transported to the “White Swan” were met Basil Snytsarev. According to Orsk, the chief pilot of the colony claimed that the prisoners can do anything with them: to mutilate themselves, trying to commit suicide by any means or in any way disfigure yourself, but it will not surprise Snytsarev.

“It was another invention of Soviet power by breaking down and destroying the people with their principles,” summarizes Orsk.

He says that in “the White Swan” so I finished “the legend of the criminal world” — Bob Diamond. He was crowned in 1950, died in the “White Swan” in 1985. According to the unofficial version, he was killed.

Among the existing employees of Federal service of execution of punishment is not left those who worked during Snitsarev, reported in a press-service GUFSIN on the Perm edge. None of the veterans did not dare to talk about what methods were used while in the institution. On the condition of anonymity with “URA.RU” through friends contacted one of the former guards of the “White Swan”, which confirmed that the methods Syrtseva was directed primarily to the scrapping of the people in the transit Department of the “White Swan”.

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“Very loudly about Snytsarev that he personally “broke 130 thieves in law”. At that time there were not so many, and all those methods which he used were aimed at the so-called “men” — ordinary prisoners”, — quotes the words of a former security guard of the Agency. He said that one of the methods that were used Snytsarev was dressing up for the “permanent” prisoners in the form of guards and transfer them to the transit Department. “These disguised complied with all the bad features: the use of force, and used illegal methods”, — says the source “URA.RU”.

“Was there another fellow operative who has worked with the transit of prisoners. The nickname he had Canaris, which he received in honor of SS standartenfuhrer Constantine Canaris,” — said the Agency interlocutor. He argues that only one nickname can be understood, what order reigned and which were the methods used at that time in the “White Swan.”

One of the interlocutors “URA.RU” it says that the lyrics of a song Ivan Kuchin Beliy Lebed ‘ accurately reflects the events occurring in isolation. “I write to you, mother, from the depths of Slikama where the end of all hope, and the roads dead end. <…> My soul to the sky take white Swan, and they will bury me, you will not find a trace” — sung in the song Cucina. There is also a line that prisoners were forced to give a written commitment on the termination of criminal activity. Thus, in his view, such “renunciation of thieves” is actually needed only for “beautiful report to Moscow” to justify the creation EPKT Solikamsk.

Agency sources say that “White Swan” was a taboo subject, only the first ten years of existence. In 1999, EPKT made a penal colony of special regime for life-term prisoners. Now the colony serve sentence in the first place murderers, rapists, members of gangs and leaders of organized criminal groups. During the existence of the “White Swan” have been there for more than four and a half thousand prisoners.

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There was transferred to Dmitry Vinogradov, dubbed the Russian Breivik. In November 2012 he came to work in pharmaceutical company and shot colleagues. In addition, the “White Swan” are serving sentences organizer of the terrorist attack at the Central market of Vladikavkaz in March 1999, the Adam of the LRCs, the organizer of the bombing of houses in Moscow and Volgodonsk Yusuf Krymshamkhalov, the killer of Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya, Rustam Makhmudov. It is also known that in Solikamsk colony was incarcerated terrorist Salman Raduyev (there he died).

As previously reported “FACTS”, one of the “thieves in law” came into the cage with a lion, showing his endurance.

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