Prayer for parents who have passed away. Extremely helpful and effective. Beautiful words

When loved ones leave, a painful tear arises in the heart and soul of others here …

 Prayer for the parent who passed away. Extremely helpful and effective. Beautiful words

with the death of loved ones, because they usually leave too early, too much needed and very important to us. Those we love remain in our memory forever, but they leave a void that cannot be filled.

A beautiful prayer for deceased parents

Regardless of how old we are, the death of a beloved parent is a traumatic and unforgettable event. Many then become a tearful little-year-old who wants to cuddle with their mother or dad for the last time. It is perfectly normal for someone you love more than life to go away …

Prayer, even when spoken in your own words, is of great help both to us and to those who have passed away. The intention for these souls must be sincere and flowing from within our tearful heart. Although the world continues and life goes on unchanged, something broke in our world and life, stopped in mournful stillness. The words of prayer rumble in the soul to bring relief.

God, Heavenly Father, I humbly commend my deceased parents to You. You know the hardships and works of their life. Through the passion and death of your Son, in whom they believed, forgive them all their sins and accept them into heaven. Help me to live honestly so that I may meet them in eternal happiness. Amen.

When the day of farewell arrives, difficult and painful as it may be, there is no way out but to let go and prepare for a better meeting where our ancestors or other loved ones went to death. Prayer is soothing for everyone, so have it every day.

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