Pregnant Jenna Duan harshly made fun of her future child

Fans of Jenna Duan shocked: this from the ex-wife of Channing Tatum was not expecting anyone. At one Hollywood party, devoted to Halloween, a pregnant Jenna appeared in the suit, which some have deemed a desecration of the child she now bears.

Беременная Дженна Дуан жестко подшутила над своим будущим ребенком

That Duane wanted to dress up for the occasion of all saints Day in costume with a painted skeleton on it, nobody saw nothing “criminal”. And here is a skeleton baby painted on the spot a pretty solid stomach, many considered it a sacrilege. The most superstitious fans of the actress marveled as Jenna she is not afraid to “jinx the pregnancy”. Even in such already not early period stuff happens…

The most striking thing that Steve Qazi, the father of the unborn child Duan, attitude to trick Jenna calmly. Moreover, he posted a photo of the actress dressed in a costume that many would consider scandalous, on his page in the social network. He signed it: “My 44th and the first Halloween for kid Kazi!” As you can see, boyfriend Duane is also quite superstitious.

Recall that Steve Qazi Jenna started Dating in October last year, just six months after the completion message of marriage with her husband Channing Tatum, the father of her six-year-old daughter Everly. And that she is waiting for Qazi of the child, became known in September of this year.