Preparation for the Face-to-Face of TVA: Marissal slipped into the skin of Legault

VAT Face-’Face Preparation: Marissal slipped in the shoes of Legault


Solidarity deputy Vincent Marissal has put on the clothes of Prime Minister François Legault to prepare Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois for the TVA Face-to-Face, which will take place on Thursday.  

Before the start of the election campaign, the Québec solidaire team held two mock debate sessions to prepare their spokesperson for the Face-to-Face and the debate leaders of Radio-Canada.  

The ex-journalist and political analyst Vincent Marissal was chosen to try to slip into the skin of the CAQ leader, in order to anticipate his attacks and his reactions.  

“I have known him for a long time , since his arrival at the PQ in 1998. The first journalist who did a long interview with him was me,” says the Québec solidaire MP in Rosemont.  

For four years, Vincent Marissal has also been able to study the Prime Minister from another angle, from the benches of the opposition. “We know his reactions,” he says.  

The former journalist stresses that he did not seek to personify the Prime Minister, but rather to “practice Gabriel in his new role, his new clothes. “Obviously, I can't predict exactly how François Legault will behave because we know he's someone with blood,” said Vincent Marissal.     

“The idea was to give Gabriel the most realistic lines possible so that he would be in the shoes of a debate and we did it in a very serious way,” he says. 

< p>The other three leaders who will take part in the debates were played by QS employees.  

Unpredictable dynamics

The televised debates are become “a pivotal moment” of all the campaigns, recalls Mr. Marissal. “It's not just another TV show. This is where people get hooked on the campaign, often,” he says.  

This year, the exercise is all the more unpredictable as four chefs will participate for the first time. “These are people we have never seen in debate”, underlines Vincent Marissal.  

He recalls that François Legault and Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois had a spat at the Salon blue, which could be a harbinger of the dynamics to come during the debates. “I know Gabriel isn't trying to get on his nerves, it just happens,” he laughs.  

GND wishes to be “inspiring”

Questioned on Tuesday afternoon, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois confided in his objectives for the debate.  

“I think people already know my fighting side well, I think it's well known that I stand up for my ideas and don't let myself be stepped on,” he said. What I want to show is that we have a project that is also inspiring. That we are not just there to criticize others, but that we have proposals to solve the problems of Quebecers.”  

Pascal Bérubé will help the leader of the PQ for the debate

As for the Parti Québécois, leader Paul St-Pierre Plamondon will also be at his first televised debate. “A lot of people are coming to support the effort and we are preparing by having fun,” he explained. This is the advice he has given to his activists in the various partisan rallies where the caravan has stopped since the start of the campaign.

Pascal Bérubé made the trip from Matane to help prepare for the event. Mr. St-Pierre Plamondon adds that he will make phone calls to other people, but did not want to name them.

Remember that a few days ago, the former first Minister Pauline Marois had affirmed that she had given advice to the chief and remained available if needed.

Monday, Mr. St-Pierre Plamondon was in LaSarre, in Abitibi, with the veteran and former deputy François Gendron . After visiting a farm, the two men went away for a few minutes to chat away from indiscreet ears.

– With the collaboration by Annabelle Blais

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