Presents video for the song Jamala for the film about the Holodomor

November 21 premiere of the video for the song “Price Pravdi” performed by Jamala, which became the official soundtrack of the eponymous film “the Price of truth” sounds in the final credits. Historical Thriller comes to the big screen on 28 November.

Представлен клип на песню Джамалы к фильму о Голодоморе

The music for the song were written by Jamal, text — Jamal, along with Victoria and platovo.

The music video was directed by Katya Tsarik, known for his work for such artists as Natalia Mogilevskaya, Vera Brezhneva, groups Scriabin and skai. and others, as well as Director of the award “Golden Firebird 2019”. The operator was Yuri King, who worked as a Director of photography on a feature-length film “Zakhar Berkut”, “Guard gate”, “Battle” and others.

In shooting took part the musicians of the orchestra “virtuosos of Kiev”. For the video were used footage from the film “the Price of truth”.

Mene Brazil history, what was the basis for picture. Pod Flymo razorcuts pid hour one s naybilsh tragic perodu scho snowcase desyatiletiyami. At the center OPANA zvichayniy journalist, that proably spravzhniy heroism dwellers to bring npharmacy about the famine to swova hromadskosti. Yak mi znamo, people that are not afraid of I contend for the truth, paying for TSE visoko co. Meni bliska the TL idea, won bagato in chomu perekusa s may tvorchist

said Jamal.

What is “the Price of truth”?

1933. Welsh journalist and adviser to the British Prime Minister Gareth Jones in the search for a new history is coming to Moscow to interview Stalin. There, he met with Ada Brooks, who opens his eyes to “Soviet utopia”, and Gareth, despite the deadly threat intelligence services of the Soviet Union, begins his own investigation. Step by step he comes closer to uncovering the truth about the greatest tragedy of the Ukrainian people — the Holodomor. Open Jones became the basis for writing an allegorical novel “Animal farm” (1945) by George Orwell.

  • Director: Agnieszka Holland
  • Script author: Andrea Chalupa
  • Producer: Claudia Daring, Stanislav Zizic, Egor Olesov, Angus Lamont, Andrea Chalupa
  • Starring: James Norton, Vanessa Kirby, Peter sarsgaard, Joseph moul, Kenneth Krenem, Yakov Tkachenko, Oleg Drach, Volodymyr Fedoruk, Anne Shayduk, Anastasia Chala, Alina Kowalska and other
  • The premiere of the film in Ukraine — 28 November 2019