President biathlon Federation said on the earnings of Ukrainian biathletes

Президент Федерации биатлона рассказал о заработках украинских биатлонистов

Vladimir Brynzak

President biathlon Federation Vladimir Brynzak said, what salaries receive the Ukrainian shooting skiers.

“The staff team salaries by the Ministry will remain. In addition, $ 500 scholarships allocated to the national Olympic Committee. 13 our representatives will have a salary before the Olympics in Beijing (2022 – approx.

Some have half of the salary of the national guard, the security service or the Border troops. The salary of the athletes I worried the least. The main thing that we managed to create conditions for training”, – quotes the official the Commander in chief.

The President of the Federation mentioned specific amounts, which are athletes in normal conditions.

“It all depends on how they perform at the world Cup. This information is available. The prize for first place – 16 thousand Euro. Now the international biathlon Union pays the first 20 positions. 20-e a place “worth” of 500 euros. Of course, the awards are deducted taxes – 25-30% depending on the state.

I do not consider money and they are not pretend. That who works, and has. Before my arrival, the biathlon 15% of the prize gave Federation. I this rule was canceled. Before, when we were among the winners, the leaders earned even for 130 thousand euros per season, now is 30-35 thousand It’s too bad,” – said project Manager brynzak.

Earlier, the head of the Federation said that financing the Ukrainian biathlon from the state budget reduced in 10 times.