President of “Milan” for 6 years may go to jail

Президент "Милана" на 6 лет может сесть в тюрьму

Paolo Scaroni

The Prosecutor General’s office of Italy suspects the President “Milan”, Paolo Scaroni of corruption, reports with reference to Reuters.

According to the source, law enforcement has demanded that functionary six years and four months in prison. It happened in the case of alleged bribes paid by Italian oil company Eni (former CEO which were Scaroni) in Algeria.

It is noted that the functionary, who is currently the acting Vice-President of the Italian division of the Bank of Rothschild, gave a bribe to the government of Algeria to subsidiary company received a contract for 8 billion euros.

In turn, the lawyer Scaroni, Enrique de Castellon, insists that Paolo has twice been acquitted in the case. Protective it will be heard in court on November 20.