President of the College in Florida spent on themselves $82 000 from the card of the institution

In the new year’s eve has arrested the former President of the private medical College in West palm beach. The arrest took place after authorities came to the conclusion that she used the debit card of the school to make personal purchases totaling more than 82 000 dollars, writes USA Today.

Президент колледжа во Флориде потратила на себя $82 000 с карты учебного заведения

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They say that during her almost three-year stay in College HCI Brenda Lee green used a debit card to pay for everything from pink Apple to a few trips to the hotels in Los Angeles and new York.

It is the most expensive purchase — 40 339 of dollars in gift cards.

Officials HCI confirmed that green dismissed for an unrelated identity theft case in September 2017. Co-chair of the Board of Directors of HCI, Lawrence brown refused to go into details of her resignation or the results of the latest investigation in respect of which green is accused of Grand theft, money laundering and organized fraud.

Accountant green, hired in July 2017, first became suspicious when they noticed that the Bank statement debit card company green was not accompanied by the proper receipts for purchases. When she said that green keep the receipts in his office, the accountant attributed the statement to management .

The staff was still trying to check the receipt after the dismissal of green. When they took the box with them, the collection was incomplete and full of personal belongings. In October 2017, they called the County Sheriff’s investigators palm beach, who was tracking every purchase and with the help of HCI has sorted the ones that were not related to school business.

According to them, unauthorized charges green included two stay in California, the two-day car rental for one of them and plane tickets from Los Angeles to Fort Lauderdale for her, her husband and daughter.

Green also three went to new York when you book through Expedia three hotels on the map, the company said in a statement.

She also shopped, collecting gift cards, wherever she went.

Pink Apple watch from Best Buy and two HP laptop, the software and purple water bottle. Investigators say green has invested more than 15 $ 700 in gift cards to Walmart and 7 $ 100 to Walgreens, where its purchase was 25 338 dollars.

Greene made a purchase at Amazon, having invested almost $ 6000 in gift cards and video games, toys, pet products, toiletries, musical instruments, jewelry, household items and accessories — all using your name, home address and phone number.

Investigators say green bought furniture for a total amount of 2947 dollars using their debit card HCI. In the Staples say she spent more than $ 10 000. All but about 1000 dollars, went to gift cards.

The investigators did not specify what gift card she bought.

She often bought cards with cheap promotional item, such as batteries or bottle of water to hide the fact that investigators consider in its report, “proceeds of organized fraud and Grand theft”.

On Tuesday, Greene was put in jail where she posted bail at $ 35,000. She was released several hours later.

Green declined to comment.